Warrior Steel Tip Dart Set-Front Weighted 90% Tungsten Barrels

Made in New Zealand - WST-1

Product Specifications

  • Made in New Zealand
  • 3 x 90% Tungsten Darts
  • Match Weighted +/- 0.05
  • 2BA Thread
  • Grip rating 3/5 (Medium)
  • Front Weighted
  • 3 x custom Warrior design 100 micron small std flights
  • 3 x Eagle claw in-between size shafts in bone white colour
Weight Length Diameter
23gm 49.0mm 7.3mm
25gm 50.0mm 7.6mm


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Warrior - Arm your arm

Capturing the indigenous spirit of Pacific Warriors, the Warrior features tattoo design work from renowned New Zealand artist Ruatoto Henry. The flowing tattoo design includes the New Zealand fern, for abundance and good health (and great playing). With its bone white shaft and cinder grip™ (superfine grip technology) on the points and barrel, the Warrior represents a taiaha – a Maori spear used for close combat. The Warrior is a great dart for most players, especially if you like to grip the barrel in the middle to tail end. Choose the Warrior, and unleash the warrior within this weekend.

Barrel Design:  Smooth nose area with medium shark fin grip in mid to tail area.

Awesome, a mini work of art - Darren - Dartznutz

The surface of these darts feels kind of dry and almost powdery, thats as close as I can describe it really. I know Shot calls it Cinder grip and says its a superfine grip technology, I guess its the result of the laser etching which I presume is how the design is put on. Its a nice feel anyway.

When I pick up the darts, naturally my grip is on the tapered section and I thought the darts fly well enough there but I think the best spot is just behind where that sloping section meets the straight part. I would say its closer to middle grip there though. It felt comfortable and balance was great and seemed to fly smoothest too. Having the little ledge part is useful to push against also.

The rear part where the two sections of shark style grip is feels great in the fingers although I did not throw it as well from there but I can see natural rear grippers who like a front weighted barrel will probably like it.

Overall the darts were mostly very smooth and well balanced, I got some spin but probably more from the shark grip area and much less from the tappered part.

For me it is not quite right for my natural front grip but I did not feel too out of sorts and have since played with them more using that grip and had some very good spells, I think it also helps that the barrel is less than 50mm too.

The quality is great and its nice to see the influence of the Maori culture. Overall I like the darts and think they look great but may suit middle grippers the best.

(Posted on 4/04/2017)

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